We would like to sincerely thank the following sponsors for their generous contributions in support of fundraising efforts of The Capitol Forum. Below is a list of those businesses that have donated funds to our charity events. All funds go directly to the charities.

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Dr. Clark McDonald & Doug Devault


Eagle Fasteners Plus


Superfly Distilling Co.

Lonnie S. Thurston Photography

Joe’s Deli

Northside Speakeasy

Pond Envy

Lisa Solterbeck, LSCSW, CHt, Intuitive Empath

Chinook Winds
An Enterprise of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians

Journeys… A Center for Your Soul

The following businesses have donated raffle and auction items
Southside Speakeasy

Northside Speakeasy Northside Speakeasy
Joe’s Deli Joe’s Deli
Pond Envy Pond Envy
Lonnie S. Thurston PhotographyLonnie S. Thurston Photography
Superfly Distilling Co. Superfly Distilling Co.
Eagle Fasteners Plus Eagle Fasteners Plus
Journeys A Center for Your Soul
Lisa Solterbeck, LCSW, CHt, Intuitive Empath
Gary’Z Hair Care
Columbia Distributing
Residence Inn by Mariott – Salem
Chinook Winds Casino Resort
Diverse Photographs
The Revue
Great Harvest Bread Co.
Salem Spirit of Life Church
East Salem Grocery Outlet
Gilgamesh Brewing
TNT Hollywood Tavern
Willamette Valley Winery or
Bi-Mart Corporation
Darcelle XV Nightclub
Original Pancake House
Free Loader Tavern
Silver Dollar Tavern
Pringle Creek Family Dental
Darcelle XV


The following individuals have donated raffle and auction items
Penny & Greg Smith
Marvin Babb
Jeremy Keisling
Michele Harris Doran
Connie King
Chuck Simpson
Diana and Ryan Brown
Ron Walsh
Stephan Perras
Cody Taylor & Shawn Spooner
Sherrie Green & JR Yerion
Todd English & Sophia Garcia
Marta & Bill Birkholz
Doug Tavares & Troy Frink
Darrin & Becky Johnson
Cynthia Butler & Darryl Milner
Dan Archer & Roger Richter
Donna Biggs
Kathie San Blise
Adam Mennig
Anthony Allen
David Fletcher & Gary Zander
Della Bouche
Kelsey Evans
Diane Beals
Dan Peterson & Mao Nyguen
Steve Loring
Sieg & Susan Wotta
Rich Coe & Oren Swanson
St. Francis Shelter Workers Kim, Kathleen and Marilyn
Celi Violan & Charles Probst
Pam Kokstis & Deb Cutler
Don Eck
Kenneth & Cary Ballew-Renfro
JB Jones
Sunshine Ray MacPherson
James Cabantoy
Tom McClellan
Bonni Doss
Kyle Adent & David Romero
Nancy & Richard Evans
Lori Edwards
Dr. Margaret Giruc
Dr. Travis Duffy
Tiffany Greene
Carl Bunting
Jayne Downing